Chris Thompson, Purveyor of Laughter (1952- June 26, 2015)

Comedy is a very broad genre, and it can be delivered in so many ways - from multi-cam blandfests with saccharine Stepford smilers where the only one laughing is the audio track, to deep-thinking introspective pieces where the humor might be a little too surreal to fully appreciate. Chris Thompson may not have been… » 6/28/15 5:42pm Sunday 5:42pm

Agent Carter renewed for a second season

Peggy Carter (and hopefully Dottie Underwood) will be back for another adventure. It looks like Hayley Atwell will get some more use out of that California driver license. ABC also renewed their other Marvel show Agents of SHIELD. » 5/07/15 11:06pm 5/07/15 11:06pm