The Latest Stephen King Book To Become A Fatally Disappointing TV Show Is...

Stephen King and TV haven’t always had the best relationship. In fact, the track record of adapting the author’s work to the small screen is, overall, pretty bad. Sure there’s a good miniseries here and there—but for the most part it’s been a dismal line-up. Now a new King story is coming to TV: The Mist. »9/16/15 6:50pm9/16/15 6:50pm

Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Filmmaker to Explain Diversity to Her

Last night was the fourth season premiere of HBO’s Project Greenlight—a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck passion project where they give first time filmmakers the chance to make a movie. It also provided a platform for Matt Damon to deliver a masterclass in whitesplaining—a whitesplaining sermon, if you will.
»9/14/15 6:12pm9/14/15 6:12pm

Mr. Robot Season Finale: This Is TV's First Great Cyberpunk Show

In a previous Mr. Robot recap, I predicted Elliot Alderson will join Don Draper and Walter White as one of the iconic male antiheroes of 21st century TV. After last night’s season one finale, I think Elliot is also on track to becoming the definitive hacker in pop culture history. SPOILERS AHEAD. »9/07/15 3:56pm9/07/15 3:56pm

An in depth analysis of everything we know about Doctor Who - Series 9

Okay folks, I’m going in deep. The following will contain spoilers and speculation based not only on the two official trailers, but also set reports from Gallifrey Base, cultbox, BlogtorWho, and other sources. First off, here’s the new trailer released today, if you haven’t already seen it.
»8/29/15 1:03am8/29/15 1:03am

How To Save A TV Show In The Digital Age

We all like TV shows. We all like some TV shows more than others. Unfortunately liking a particular TV show is hardly a universal sentiment, so every season at least one of your favorite TV shows ends up “on the bubble.” What does that mean and what can you do about it? »7/07/15 9:45pm7/07/15 9:45pm

Chris Thompson, Purveyor of Laughter (1952- June 26, 2015)

Comedy is a very broad genre, and it can be delivered in so many ways - from multi-cam blandfests with saccharine Stepford smilers where the only one laughing is the audio track, to deep-thinking introspective pieces where the humor might be a little too surreal to fully appreciate. Chris Thompson may not have been… »6/28/15 5:42pm6/28/15 5:42pm

The one Disney Channel Original Movie to see is Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach 2 airs tonight at 8:00pm on Disney Channel along with the premiere of the new comedy Best Friends Whenever »6/28/15 3:02pm6/28/15 3:02pm