Some comedies are funnier on paper than on your screen

Case in point : "The Tick." It ran on Fox very, very briefly back in 2001. Based on the graphic novel/deconstruction of the genre by the same name, it had a lot going for it. As The Tick, Patrick Warburton got to showcase his specialty, as his character was both egotistical and thick. Nestor Carbonell was was… » 9/03/14 10:44pm 9/03/14 10:44pm

Bad Timing + Bad Taste = Bad PR

On Tuesday, about the time the world was learning the gruesome fate of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist to be decapitated in recent weeks by the Islamic State group, the marketing team promoting Fox series Sleepy Hollow was having some fun with "National Beheading Day." Complete with e-cards. » 9/03/14 11:40am 9/03/14 11:40am

A Fantastic Voyage - The Into the Dalek Megathread

The new Doctor whisks Clara from Coal Hill School into a deadly war between humanity and the Daleks. But all is not as it seems with one unit of the Skarosian Empire, as as The Doctor delves into the mysteries within, he discovers new answers about his latest Regeneration... spoilers, of course, beyond the cut! » 9/01/14 2:17am 9/01/14 2:17am

The Daphne Arc- some thoughts on bad Fairy Tail filler.

A little bit ago i finished up the Daphne arc on Fairy Tail. I knew it was filler right from the get go and so i tried to cut it some slack because of that. But wow, this was bad guys. I mean real bad. And i'm sure most of you who watch this show was way past this part but i still want to see if i'm the only one who… » 8/30/14 8:18pm 8/30/14 8:18pm

What The Simpsons' Herb Powell Taught Us About The US Auto Industry

What would happen if an automaker read the comments of Jalopnik and gave you exactly what you wanted? Potentially a costly disaster, a lesson we should have learned from a 23-year-old episode of "The Simpsons." » 8/26/14 10:20pm 8/26/14 10:20pm