The Millers Just Did a Tongue-in-Cheek Nod to its Own Cancellation

The multi-cam sitcom The Millers has been hemorrhaging viewership since losing its The Big Bang Theory lead-in on Thursdays and switching to Mondays with 2 Broke Girls, to the point where production has been suspended. And even the show itself knows it. Tonight's The Millers features Will Arnet's character confronting… » 11/17/14 10:20pm 11/17/14 10:20pm

Selfie: An Honest Assessment, From Someone Who More or Less Lived It

One of the big TV industry buzz items this week is the cancellation of ABC single-cam comedy Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho (of Doctor Who and Star Trek fame, as ABC themselves incessantly pointed out). The comedy is yet another take on the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion approach: turn a woman who's less than a… » 11/11/14 10:46am 11/11/14 10:46am

Are We Upon the Kidocalypse?

The last weekend of September 2014 was also the last weekend a broadcast network aired Saturday morning cartoons. Is this the end of an animated era, or is it a sign of a long trend coming across multiple genres of children's entertainment? Children's programming used to be a highly lucrative television market, but… » 11/06/14 11:01am 11/06/14 11:01am

Go Dark: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Shadows"

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is back, and the show's return has brought not only some real highs and lows for the main cast, but a ton of comic book references, and major Avengers' villain Absorbing Man to boot! » 9/24/14 8:59am 9/24/14 8:59am

Lost Was The Best Before It Was The Worst

The end of Lost sucked. Holy fuck, did it suck. It was really, truly, completely the worst — a mushy, indefensible cop-out that failed to resolve many of the show's central mysteries and seemed to argue against reason in favor of a vaguely defined faith in … what, exactly? Did the writers themselves even know? The… » 9/18/14 11:11am 9/18/14 11:11am