By Force or Trickery: Secrets of Agent Carter episode "Time and Tide"

Marvel's Agent Carter is back with a surprisingly diverse set of emotional punches and more of the most obscure Marvel characters ever. Let's see just how far into the back issue bins the show dug for some comic book references! » 1/14/15 8:38am 1/14/15 8:38am

Crikey O'Reilly: Secrets of Agent Carter's Premiere Episode(s)

Agent Carter is here and damn if she doesn't hit the ground running (in pumps no less). It's all style and substance - and a helluvalotta Marvel references to boot! Let's unpack the first SSR case file and see how SHIELD's prequel miniseries ties to She-Hulk, Iron Man and the rest of the Marvel U! » 1/14/15 8:38am 1/14/15 8:38am

Stargate(s) Available to Stream

It had passed my notice until just now, but thanks to the handiness of a Hulu queue, I just learned that Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe and the original, Stargate: SG-1 are back streaming on Hulu. It appears all of the episodes are available with HuluPlus (paid), while there are only a few of each streaming… » 12/20/14 8:49pm 12/20/14 8:49pm

What Happened? I Like The CW??!?

It has happened. Somehow, against all odds, The C-freaking-W has become my favorite network. I'm in my mid-30s. I'm an adult! The CW is supposed to be targeting teenagers with crap that makes them feel good and teaches life lessons, or is filled with beautiful people too young for their jobs. And yet, here I am,… » 12/12/14 6:19pm 12/12/14 6:19pm