Louie Season 04 has finally premiered! (Spoilers)

In case you missed it, Season 04 of the FX comedy Louie has returned to the air after it's hiatus so series creator Louis CK could recharge his creative batteries. My opinion: Well worth the wait.

We were treated to two episodes which premiered on Monday (5/5).

Episode 01 - The opening skit with his daughters was very, meh. With the exception of his explanation to his one daughter about carrying her burden (a backpack) and then the other sister getting fed up listening to Louie's bullshit.

It was the following skit at the poker table with fellow comedians Sarah Silverman, Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo, William Stephenson, and Rick Crom. I love these scenes because Jim Norton is so creepy and can steal the scene EVERY TIME. I happened to be drinking a soda at the time and nearly had it coming out of my nose.

Episode 02 - This was one of those 1 skit shows involving him getting asked to open for Jerry Seinfeld at a benefit. Jerry was excellent in this episode portraying himself as a total asshole. Yvonne Strahavoski and Victor Garber's cameos were hilarious. However, the scene where he accidentally hits Yvonne... Come on Louie, that's been done 1000x already, even by a sister show on the same network (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 03 Episode 10, Mac hits Carmen when she sneaks up on him).

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Louis CK has in store for us this season!